Thursday, June 25, 2009

First Time on the Reservation

There are lots of firsts in our lives. Today, I went down to the reservation of:

I bought some yummy ice cream treats. I have a receipt and everything to prove it but cannot get it to post. I'll do it later. It's so awesome, you'll love it!

Since I'm from Indiana, Indian reservations are few and far between (or try none) setting foot on one is a big deal. It's less than impressive in person, but then again, you folks know how little it takes to make me happy.

Happy Thursday (my Friday)!

Flying Bitch Slap

Somebody in your life needs one... Or is it you?

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Another Reason Why Your Town Sucks

Does the General Lee drive down your streets? Didn't think so. It does here in Las Vegas. I bet the dude in the Viking helmet is driving it. Long live Vegas!

Shampoo v. Viking Helmet

Dear federal government friends,

Let's get something straight. If I try to take 3.5 oz. of shampoo on the plane, I am a dirty freedom-hating terrorist, but your boy here can wear a Viking helmet for his awesome blowout weekend in Vegas? Okay, just checking.

Thanks for clearing that up,

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Finally, Some Good News

So, I went to the fertility doctor for my initial consultation. I have to admit that I was pretty nervous. I just kept imagining in my head that the doctor would kindly shake his head and tell me it was no hope. Of course, my husband told me to calm down but I wasn't having it.

We went over my medical history and my tests/procedures to date. The bad news is that the doctor confirmed that something is definitely wrong with me. If not, I would have been pregnant looong ago. That's a little hard to hear out loud, but I had prepared myself to hear that. Nobody wants to hear that there's something wrong with you. I can't help myself from wondering what I did wrong.

Here's the good news, dear reader(s)...if the only problem I have is the blocked Fallopian tube, then that is a relatively easy obstacle to overcome! Yeah! The doctor said that my chances of getting pregnant are "very high." I got all teary eyed in the office when he said that. It's indescribably joyful to hear good news after years of bad news and disppointment.

The next step is to get about 1,000 invasive tests done to confirm that I only have the one issue going on. The other piece of good news is that it is possible for me to cram in all the testing in the next month so I should know the verdict very soon.

Here's my other next step--scheduling an emergency soda night. How 'bout it, ladies? Who wants to get black out drunk? I see all your raised hands, so call me.

Monday, June 8, 2009

I Love People

You may be driving around, wondering to can I fix up my car? Well, dear reader(s), I have the solution for you. It only takes about 15 minutes and a can of spray paint. Et Voila! I Love People! yee-haw.

Hirsute Means Hairy and other usefull information

I was playing Cranium with friends on Saturday night. Tough to quell the killer competitive streak but I think I was at least reasonably behaved. Luckily, the girls team bested the boys team despite me royally messing up the next to last question (i.e. breaking the rules by saying a person's name).

Guess what I learned? "Hirsute" supposedly means hairy. The frustrating thing is that I have seen the word in print but could not, could not, could not remember the correct definition. I was convinced that it meant unusually quiet. So, word to the wise future Cranium players: hirsute means hairy. Got it? good.