Monday, May 31, 2010

So Fun to Shop

I know I've been remiss in my posts due to my addiction to facebook. I'm sure my friends are sick of my diet-related posts. I've struggled with my weight basically my whole life. I'm so excited because I finally got into the groove and have lost a bunch of weight. Since four years ago (at my heaviest), I've officially lost 100 pounds. For real.

That means I went from wearing a size 22W to an 8. Along the way, I've learned a lot about myself. I'm really proud of the emotional and mental changes as well as the physical ones. I feel better about myself in every way. People even treat me better. And more men drop off their documents in person.....subtle, guys.

Now I get to shop for new clothes. I actually got to tell a sales clerk yesterday that the medium was too big--can you bring me a small? She probably thought I was crazy when I got kind of teary right after I said it. In any case, I get to buy all sorts of cute clothes that I always dreamed of getting. What's even better, is that I look good too.

I owe so much to the people who loved and supported me the whole way. You know who you are. Big hugs and kisses! I'm not done yet but I feel like I've turned a corner and wanted to share.