Friday, June 11, 2010

Switching Gears-Starting P90x

My sister's wedding was last Saturday. It was so beautiful. She looked amazing, the venue was elegant, the food was great...just generally perfect. I wore the dress I wanted and looked great too.

Now that I've accomplished my goal, I have been making excuses diet-wise. I've worked so hard to get here, I can't go back. No way, no how.

For me, I need to have a tangible, short term goal to keep me on track and motivated. After some late-night TV viewing, I decided to do P90x. You have to be totally committed and work out an hour a day, 6 days a week for 13 weeks.

A friend of mine loaned me the DVDs, so I'm all ready to go. Counting out the workouts on the calendar, I decided to make Saturday my rest day. That means I start this Sunday! It's going to be a big change for me. I'm going to get up early in the morning during the week to do the workouts before I go to work. On the yoga days, I'm going to my bikram studio. It'll be perfect.

To be honest, I watched a little of the first video and I'm a little intimidated. I understand how they can make their claims, the workouts look HARD. I'm willing to commit so no matter what, working out that much has got to make a big change.

My goal is to look super fantastically hot for my birthday in October. I'll keep you posted.

Monday, May 31, 2010

So Fun to Shop

I know I've been remiss in my posts due to my addiction to facebook. I'm sure my friends are sick of my diet-related posts. I've struggled with my weight basically my whole life. I'm so excited because I finally got into the groove and have lost a bunch of weight. Since four years ago (at my heaviest), I've officially lost 100 pounds. For real.

That means I went from wearing a size 22W to an 8. Along the way, I've learned a lot about myself. I'm really proud of the emotional and mental changes as well as the physical ones. I feel better about myself in every way. People even treat me better. And more men drop off their documents in person.....subtle, guys.

Now I get to shop for new clothes. I actually got to tell a sales clerk yesterday that the medium was too big--can you bring me a small? She probably thought I was crazy when I got kind of teary right after I said it. In any case, I get to buy all sorts of cute clothes that I always dreamed of getting. What's even better, is that I look good too.

I owe so much to the people who loved and supported me the whole way. You know who you are. Big hugs and kisses! I'm not done yet but I feel like I've turned a corner and wanted to share.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter Baking Disaster

I promised an update on the Easter baking...monstrously bad. I tried 3 things: eggnog bundt cake, petit fours and yeast rolls.

I have NEVER had a problem with the bundt cake before...I mean never. Well, I decided to use a new fancy pan-release spray instead of trusty Crisco and flour. Wouldn't you know it, it stuck..badly. So badly, I had to turn it into a trifle. Luckily, I had planned to serve it with macerated strawberries and real whipped cream so I just made three layers of each and called it a trifle. Whew.

Petit fours are my arch nemesis. For the life of me, I cannot get the glaze right. So, I found what looked like a promising recipe on Martha Stewart's website for the glaze. I made a genoise, put a layer of cherry preserves and was ready to go. I tinted the glaze too dark but otherwise it worked just fine. Then, came the taste. Waaaay too sweet. sigh. back to the drawing board. If anyone has a good petit four glaze recipe, please, please, please send it to me.

Here's what they looked like freshly glazed:

Final Product:

Looks good, tastes yucky. grrrr.

The yeast rolls looked promising but never rose. At the end, I had small, hard little dough balls. gross. I used a Martha Stewart recipe which I thought I followed exactly right. I am convinced it's the recipe. I still have a packet of yeast so I'm going to look up a new recipe and try again. I had to stop at the store after mass to get a can of Pillsbury crescents--which were yummy.

I usually have much better success baking, but I guess you can't win 'em all.

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Easter Baking

As you know, I have been on total diet lockdown for a while now so that I can look decent in my bridesmaid dress. The wedding is in June and I only have one dress size to go before I'm at my goal. For the record, my goal was to drop 10 dress sizes in 6 months--from an 18 to an 8. So far, I'm at 10 so I'm aaaaalmost there.

Keep your fingers crossed for me...I'm baking again. I love to bake for people and especially for holidays. I've decided to attempt my old nemesis petit fours, mini strawberry eclairs and yeast rolls. The genoise is cooling right now and smells like heaven. Now, on to piping buttercream flower decorations for the petit fours.

I'm hoping that I can keep the old jaw shut while I make the yummy, tempting treats. I just can't afford any back sliding after coming so far (and spending so much money).

Lately, I've been having trouble posting pictures, but if I can swing it, I'll try to post pictures of the results. If not, I'll keep you posted.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

New Bridesmaid Dress

After all the consternation about my bridesmaid dress for my sister's wedding, I found this dress that I like better.

Since I'm busty, I was worried that I may be fighting the strapless all night. I like that this one has sleeves...and even a little train.

The black lace/nude strapless will be delivered this week and this one will come next week. I'll try them both on and see which one I like better.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Hot Yoga

I've been going to hot yoga classes for the past 3 weeks. The classes are 90 minutes long and are challenging but it's been great. You sweat a ton! If anyone is looking for a good place to go, this studio has a full schedule of classes from early until late. Bring towels and water...

Sunday, February 28, 2010

Great Dress Debate

My sister's wedding is coming up in June. I have the honor of being the maid of honor. She has been very kind and will let us wear any dress as long as it is floor length and black. I've fallen in love with this dress but it's black lace over nude fabric.

I've asked my sister for her thoughts and I'm hoping I get the nod. Cross your fingers.

Update: I went ahead and bought it. Let's hope it looks as great in person as it does on the website.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Best Hand Cream

With the amount of papers I handle on a daily basis, I'm always looking for good hand cream. You know, super moisturizing but not too greasy. It's gross to leave greasy fingerprints all over my desk.

My friend H. recommended this hemp lotion from the Body Shop. I always have scratches and burns on my hands (because I'm a total klutz) and it even heals them. I can't recommend it highly enough. If you're looking for a hand cream, this is it!

Enjoy! If you find something better, let me know.

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Please Take Me Back

Okay, so I haven't posted anything for a long ass time. I admit it, it's true. I'm addicted to Mafia Wars on facebook and spending all my time there.

I keep seeing funny things all the time that make me want to blog but never got around to it. Well, I decided that I can't leave you and will try harder.

Please take me back, my pretties! I promise to try harder. See you soon...