Monday, July 13, 2009

Walgreens Doesn't Sell Dirt, You Dummy

I was at a Walgreens last Thursday afternoon with my co-worker. We were waiting in line to pay for stuff I can't even remember now but was vitally important at the time. This dude comes in, eyes the long line, and then walks directly up to the cashier.

Side Bar: like most urban Walgreens' cashiers, she looked less than pleased to be there. In fact, she looked like she was hungover or possibly still drunk--sort of like a meaner version of Droopy. So awesome.

Anyway, so our friend random dude tries to butter up the cashier by using her name and asking her where is the (here's what I hear) "potting mix". Mean Droopy asks if he means for alcohol mixers. He's frustrated and says that he's from the South and he drove all the way to this Walgreens (?) to find "potting mix". My co-worker then suggests that if he's looking for a mix of different kinds of candy. At this point, I'm sorely confused because I think he's asking for potting soil. So, I ask "Do you mean dirt?" To this, he shoots me a nasty side glance and complains that we are all comedians or something.

Then he more helpfully explains he's looking for pretzels, Chex mix, etc. Ahhhh, you're looking for "party mix" not "potting mix". Oops, sorry for making fun of the awesome Southern accent. I was wondering why he thought Walgreens sold dirt.


jesse said...

Sounds like something a British person would say... Mam, may you please be of some help and locate the potting mix for I?

-Droopy cashier: Sir, may you please be of some help and get the hell back to your country of British? *under breath* jack ass...

Bethany said...

I'm glad you're on my side!

Jadey said...


I hope you don't think I'm rude, butI came across this post and thought I'd let you know what potting mix is. It's not actually dirt! Garden soil is loose and ideal when it is dry but when it is in a pot and has been watered it often sets hard and will be no good for the plant. Potting soil on the other hand contains a higher percentage of organic matter and is free-draining because of its coarse sand component. Good potting soil also contains slow-release fertilisers to supply the plant with nutrients such as nitrogen and phosphorus that are required for growth. It is free-draining and will not compact into a hard mass when watered in a pot. Some potting mixes don't have any soil at all and you buy different types depending on what you're growing.


TexasTeacher68 said...

Thank you, Jadey. I was sitting here thinking, "What's hard to understand about potting mix?" I came across this because I googled "Does Walgreens carry potting mix?" haha But still, 'potting mix' vs. 'party mix'...hmmm...I live in Texas, and honestly no one would here would ever make one of those sound like the other. His problem must go beyond dialectical variations and straight into speech impediment. lol I'm so nice.