Sunday, March 1, 2009

Lazy Sunday

I know I've whined about my continual struggle to clean the house on Sunday. I get all day to do it, but I just can't quite ease myself off the couch to start. Once I get going, I get in the groove and my obsessive/compulsive overachiever self takes over and I finish it.

It's just so nice and comfy on my couch catching up on all the trashy VH1 shows I like: Tool Academy (finale coming up), For the Love of Ray J and I Love Money. You want to talk about some desperate people, geez. I want to shake some of those girls. Get a hold of yourself! These d-bags are not worth your dignity...but then again, what else would I watch on VH1? I'm totally over the countdown shoes.

Okay, let's promise that the couch patrol ends in 15 minutes! That gives me 4 hours to clean everything. ready..set..go!

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