Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Make it a Double

As you all know, I am leaving for vacation in about 2 weeks. I need to finish up some stuff at work so I decided to stay late tonight. Guess what I also did today?

1. Wore not so comfortable heels.
2. Wore not so comfortable glasses.
3. Gave a double dose of blood.

Seriously, I couldn't have done anything more to make it harder on myself. I'm so tired but wound up since I just got home and have a hearing first thing in the morning.

PS I did get my stuff done because I'm one tough cookie. boo ya.


DG said...

Double dose of blood? You can do that? I hope at least you got a double dose of free cookies and soda in exchange.

Also: you have uncomfortable glasses? Do they pinch or something?

Bethany said...

Yeah, you can go to a special machine where they do 2 cycles where it takes out the red blood cells and something else and then it returns the rest. It's kind of freaky because when the clear portion come back into your arm it feels cold. You experience a cold sensation creeping up and down your arm and spreading to your back.

The dumb lady at the eye doctor didn't adjust them correctly so they rub on one of my ears. I love the glasses so I wear them anyway but it's a drag.