Tuesday, December 2, 2008

So Lazy, So Hot

I love the camera on my new phone. It helps me to capture the world of retarculousness that continually surrounds me. In other words, I constantly see some crazy shit. I'm like a homing signal for weirdos of all kinds.

Here's a perfect example. The other day I noticed a hot mess old lady in a motorized wheelchair--aka a Rascal. Right behind her was a younger hot mess in a regular wheelchair. You know, the kind of person that you suspiciously wonder if the only reason they are in the wheelchair is because they are fat and lazy...hot.

Anyway, just as the light turned, the Rascal started to move but then stopped...right in front of the bus! I thought she was going to be creamed by the bus but then I realize what was happening: the hot mess behind her was getting into place to grab her shoulders. That way she didn't have to expend any energy to work her wheelchair. retarculous.

Below is the picture of the hot action. Please note the pawn shop and cheezy strip club in the background. Oh yes, I will be submitting this snapshot for contests.

1 comment:

Cladeedah said...

You're so mean. What if they're really disabled?