Sunday, November 30, 2008

Food Coma

Sorry for the lack of posts, folks. I've been busy stuffing my face. yummy yummy
There's a lull in the action, so I thought I'd check in before I take another nap.

My sister and her fiance came out to visit so I got to make a whole Thanksgiving feast: turkey, mashed potatoes, sweet potatoes, green salad, cranberry sauce, stuffing, pumpkin pie, cherry pie, and spice cake shaped like a turkey. We also went out for sushi one night, donuts and greasy food at the ESPN Zone. Honorable mention to the cheese trays, toffee, mini chocolate bundt cakes and cheesebake on other days.

No wonder I feel a little sick to my tummy. Weight Watchers weigh in is going to be a complete disaster on Wednesday. Have the Kleenex box ready, bitches.

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Cladeedah said...

We gotta get back to the gym. I was a mess on the Great Wall.