Saturday, April 11, 2009

Please Come Back

I have been slowly getting back into the groove of things after my awesome vacation. We ended up going to Paris, Venice, Florence, Siena, Rome, Naples, Pompeii and the Vatican. So many great places, it's difficult to pick a few highlights.

Our favorite place was Paris. I've always had a secret desire to move there which my husband now shares. It's beautiful, the food is great and the people are great. The Metro is clean, fast and goes everywhere. If I ever get the chance, I'm going.

If I had to rank the cities as to my favorites, I'd say:
1. Paris
2. Vatican
3. Rome
4. Venice
5. Pompeii
6. Florence
50. Naples

Naples had great pizza but that's about it. A friend of mine told me before I left that she found Naples to be dirty and scary. Check and check. It's also super-intense so if you are tired and stressed out it is the last place you want to be.

The Vatican was so great. We had great seats for our papal audience and the Pope waved at us when he went by. We have some great pictures. We went to all of the major basilicas shich were jaw-dropping, simply amazing. They are the closest places to heaven on Earth. The Vatican Museum and the Sistine Chapel are unreal.

I think that we loved Paris and Rome so much because they were big cities so they had great amenities. Plus, you just felt like you were a temporary citizen instead of one of a great glob of tourists. When public transportation, fantastic sites and great food is everywhere, it's pretty hard not to enjoy yourself.

We're still getting our pictures together. We have sooo many that we are editing them down to a manageable number. Once they're finished, I'll e-mail out an album or something. Let me know if you are interested. As a warning, it will probably be loooong. Maybe I'll have a picture night at my house or something. Let me know if you peeps are interested.

Glad to be back, ya'll. Thanks so much for the warm wishes. It will be a while before we go anywhere else.

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