Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Pimples Go Away!

My buddy Perez Hilton and I have two things in common:
1. Love of all things gossip-related
2. Pimples!

Seriously, is there a point in your life when you stop getting pimples? I'm in my thirties and I am in a battle to the death for my little face. I broke down and bought some Proactiv, which normally does the trick, but it just can't cope with the onslaught. I also went to Sephora and got some on the spot sulphur treatment which is more or less helpful.

I need your help, faithful reader(s). What is your go-to weapon in the pimple war? I need to figure this out. Help, please?


DG said...

Oh, comrade-in-arms, I have no magical cure. My best weapon is called Sheila and she wears a white coat and has a prescription pad. Every month, she swabs my face with acid and it makes my skin less prone to breakouts. Sadly, the single best cure for pimples, I've found, is lots of sleep+no stress, but since I can't be on permanent vacation, knowing this seems more cruel than anything.

p.s. Sheila the dermotologist has me on some topical retin-A stuff that is magical. I think it's made out of baby unicorn horns. Way better than the OTC stuff. See if you can see a derm. Acne treatment is usually covered!

Bethany said...

Acne treatment covered? I'm in. My only problem is that the dermatologist I went to a while ago has a looooong waiting time to get an appointment.

At the rate I'm going, my face is going to be one big angry pimple. Are there any OTC products you like? Money is no object at this point.

ergeas said...

i've got my 20th birthday this wednesday and for the last 7 years i have had severe cystic acne i tried just about every thing short of surgery and roaccutane, until about a month ago i was on a mischief website i became a member of when i was in my early teens called because i havn't been on for years, and i though of typing in acne into the search bar and an interesting post or "egg" as they call it, in it head and shoulders shampoo was described as a great cleanser, by washing with it then apply it to pimple affected areas and leave on for about 2 mins morning and night and it worked very quick in less than a week i continued to use it for 2 weeks and i accidentaly left it on overnight and my skin looked like it was sunburned so dont do that..., but it was red for 2 days then it started peeling and i had great skin underneath as if it was a peel of some sort and most of the dried up bump scars came off with the rest of the dead skin so i had really clear skin apart from deep scars from years of acne i got lazy after that and i got some more pimples but i started using the H&S again and its gone now and its the same for my back acne, i popped, washed, and applyed the H&S initially then i only applyed it to the existent pimples after that and now i'm happy, e-mail me at----( if it works for you.