Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Return of Lady Hector

I used to go to the gym more regularly but I've been missing for a variety of reasons. Do you remember all the infamous stories about one of the other regulars at the gym who was always dressed like a tranny clown? I certainly have fond memories.

Well, I am happy to report that my friend and roving gym reporter Cladeedah snapped a few pictures of the hotness known as Lady Hector. You should be able to pick her out for her pink bandanna and black tights. She's pretty conservatively dressed, but you can tell by her can-do spirit that it's the real Lady Hector.


Cladeedah said...

I was so excited to see Lady Hector last night! She was putting on quite a show during turbo kick-boxing class. I was sad u couldn't be there to share in the joy. How ya feeling today?

SDM said...

Is she the itty bitty think in the front? Does she have on leg warmers?