Friday, May 8, 2009

Winder Farms is Great

A few weeks ago I blogged about signing up for home deliveries with Winder Farms. We got our first delivery this past Monday. Although they came at 1 am and woke my husband up (I slept through it thanks to 7 beers), we have been pleased with the products.

If you are a fan of milk or eggs, you must sign up. Some of you may not know that my mom's family are farmers. I spent every summer and vacation on my grandparents' farm (which was a dairy farm until I was in high school). We were totally spoiled with great fruit and vegetables from their huge garden and lots of beef and milk. This milk is so much better tasting than the milk in the grocery store. Even though it's 1% fat, it tastes more like fresh, whole milk. The eggs are bigger, rounder and have better shells than the ones in the grocery store too.

The minimum order is really low so you won't be stuck ordering a lot of stuff every week. You do have to get a cooler, but the products are really good and at decent proces. If you end up signing up, make sure you said that I referred you because I get $30 off. Get to work, people!

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