Sunday, September 14, 2008

2 More in the Win Column: 4-0 Overall

On Thursday, my softball team won both of its games by a pretty comfortable margin. The real key to our victories has been that we have 2 solid pitchers that can reliably throw strikes. This team didn't really have an established pitcher and rotated a whole bunch of people in and out. In fact, one lady was rolling the ball in. Oh man, even I can do better than that.

Our umpire was sighing and yawning so he wasn't exactly a stickler for the substituion rules so he let them bring people in and out. He also let some girl from the other team bat within 4 people she first got up. What killed me is that she was terrible! I guess the umpire assumed the other team couldn't possibly be cheating if they were using the girl in the pig tails that was an automatic out.

The other highlight was the other team's heckling. The main target was their own team members. I felt bad for some of the girls coming up that I was encouraging them since some of the guys were being dumb and mean. My guess is that they were trying to be funny in front of their friends, For example: they tried to make fun of one of our team members who was wearing an Oregon Ducks shirt. They kept yelling stuff about salmon and snowboarding. WTF?

We are halfway to matching our total wins for the entire last season. Keep your fingers crossed!

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