Friday, September 5, 2008

Big Flaming Disaster

Like always, I have to learn my life lessons the hard way. I have not been so good about going to my Weight Watchers meetings so I went on Wednesday to face the music....I was up 4.2 pounds....oops. We had a substitute leader and she asked me if I had been on vacation. I told her I had been on a diet vacation. We had a laugh and then I slinked to the table to sit there during the meeting without bursting into tears.

Okay, so I have learned that I cannot play hooky. I need to get back on the wagon hardcore! I have to tell you that once you get off the diet path, it is hard to get back on it. Honestly, I feel like I have to completely start over.

I would appreciate any positive diet vibes that you can send my way, bitches!


jesse said...

Who needs weight watchers when you can do 36 crunches?

Bethany said...

Can you do 36 crunches? I don't think I can.