Friday, September 26, 2008

Still Undefeated: 8-0

Our softball team picked up two more victories last night. We were especially happy because Lochsa Engineering beat us pretty badly in both games last year. They were our toughest competition to date but we didn't panic and played together. The other great thing is that we were missing a bunch of players too so we only had a few substitutes.

The key to our success is discipline at the plate. Since we always have decent pitching (thanks guys!) we can depend on keeping the offensive walks down to a minimum. This really keeps the other teams' scores down. When we walk the bases full, it only takes a few good hits to rack up a bunch of runs.

Bethany highlights: I played both games. I got to play at second base and in left center field. I liked playing both positions but I definitely felt a little rusty out there after being behind the plate so long. My knees have been feeling good so hopefully I will get more opportunities to play out in the field. My hitting was so-so. I kept popping the ball up. Once I finally got the bat on the ball, I had a good hit. I just need to get my butt to the batting cage so that I can do it more often. All the girls on our team do a good job at the plate--one of the girls on the other team actually told me that when I was on base! Now that is retarculous...

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