Friday, September 19, 2008

Put 2 More on the Board: 6-0!

You read that right, sports fans! Our softball team remains undefeated at 6-0. We readily defeated the Rainmakers last night. They were a bunch of lawyers from the Richard Harris law firm. Although it is frustrating to lose so badly, it is not good form to yell at your catcher, heckle your own teammates and argue with the umpire who is barely paying attention. This is especially true if you are losing by more than 10 (or 20 runs in the first game).

Bethany highlights: I played second base in the first game last night. My defense wasn't exactly a highight until the last play of the game when I actually made an out. Hopefuly the coach will give me another shot because I actually liked playing in the infield. I had a better night at the plate: I got on base every time and never got another runner out. That's right ladies and germs--I batted 1.000! They overthrew me at first and I kept on going allll the way to third. I told the other team captain (who was playing short stop) that I wanted them to score it as a triple. Of course, his "scorekeepers" were some chicks chatting in the dugout and drinking beer.
The rest of the team did well too. Our hitting is really coming along. All of the players (except for one of the guys shockingly) can get the ball into the outfield. We are also disciplined at the plate so we get tons of walks. If we actually get a team with a decent pitcher it will be more of a test. Our defense is slowly improving. We are learning to play together. So far so good...

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