Saturday, August 30, 2008

More Reasons to Love Tim Gunn

I totally adore Tim Gunn. The second season of his show Tim Gunn's Guide to Style is starting on Oct. 2. You bitches better all tune in!

He must be doing some press for it (or Project Runway) and OK magazine started asking him about the fashion sense of different celebrities. He dishes on all sorts of people, but my favorite is when he says that Jennifer Aniston dresses like a "desperate character". giggle giggle He also says that Cindy McCain looks duct-taped. I couldn't agree more. She looks like she's wound too tight.

I wish I could meet him for coffee. I think we would be great friends. Well, maybe in my mind we already are.... Can you say restraining order?

Click here for a better description of the article.


Sandra said...

Love him too. I wish I could spend one afternoon shopping with him. MAKE IT WORK!

Bethany said...

By some miracle, if you could go shopping with him, what would you wear? I would be so nervous. I'm not sure what I would do.