Thursday, October 2, 2008

Agony of Defeat: 8-2

Sports fans, we all feared this day would come. We lost our first softball games tonight. We were competitive in the first game but we pretty much accepted the inevitable and lost by 11 in the second game.
So, what happened? We were short players so everyone except for me had to play both games. It was tough sitting on the bench and keeping score because I wanted to get back into the game.
The bottom line is that other team was chock full of powerful hitters. I was talking to their catcher and she told me that they had been playing together a long, long time. They couldn't get a space in a more competitive league so they settled on playing in a recreational league even though they are much better than a recreational-level team. Most of their players were really friendly and nice so it was difficult to have hard feelings.
Bethany highlights: Unfortunately, not so many highlights tonight. I walked twice, popped up and got on base on a fielder's choice (but no strike outs). That's it, I am going to the batting cage! The most frustrating thing is that I had two good opportunities to catch pop ups behind the plate: the first time I couldn't get around the umpire fast enough and the second time I had it right there in my hands but it just bounced out. aaaaaaaarrgh. My only contribution was spying on the other team by chatting while taking their jello shots from them for me and my teammates. Oh yeah! I'm good at drinking sports fans! Go Team!

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