Monday, October 20, 2008

Season Wrap Up: 10-4

Sports Fans, our softball season came to a close last Thursday with two hard-fought victories--including a come from behind win!

After losing 4 games in a row, the team was anxious to turn the trend around by playing some quality ball. We knew that we were tied with our opposition for second in the standings, so we had to dig down deep. To make matters worse, the other team was full of whiners and d-bags. It's tough not to upset or flustered when they are heckling and generally being jerkwads. Again, let's remind everyone that this is recreational softball. Wearing tight baseball pants, tapping the plate and saying nasty things is the furthest thing from a good time.

We won the first game by a close margin. In the second game, we had some defensive misplays that allowed them to go ahead early. We fought back with some great hitting, discpline at the plate and great fielding in the second half to pull it out in the very last inning! What a great finish! We celebrated by drinking the beer left in the team cooler. Now THAT is recreational, folks.

Bethany highlights: After striking out (boo) at my first plate appearance, I settled down and made some good contact. Over the course of my season, my hitting improved, but I definitely need more practice before next season. I never did catch a fly ball in the outfield. I seriously need to work on positioning myself better, but, again, with some practice I hope to make a better showing defensively next season. Hopefully I can stay in the outfield.

Stay tuned.

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