Thursday, October 30, 2008

The Void that Bethany Left: Day 8 (afternoon) - The Memorable Lunch Errand with Claudeedah

Claudeedah needed a smog check, so of course I volunteered to tag along. After entering the “Smog Shack” in the wrong direction in a one-way aisle, she had to make a three-point turn. While going in reverse, she rammed into a pole (pictured below) causing significant cervical pain.

After the shock of the accident, I exited the vehicle and was forced to witness the booty crack of “Joe the Smog Shack Guy.” I thought low-rise jeans were so 2006.


Cladeedah said...

S&M neglected to mention that she was yelling at me to hit the gas and "be aggressive" just before I backed into the pole. That's the last time I take driving advice from her!

SDM said...

She is attempting to avoid personal responsibility for her actions. I didn't grab her foot and make you push the gas. Admit it Cladeedah, you were so hot for "Joe the Smog Shack Guy" that you couldn't focus on driving safely.

Bethany said...

Cervical pain? Way to go Jack the Smog Shack Guy!