Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Hotlanta Housewives Reunion

I watched the Real Housewives of Atlanta Reunion show. It was so awesome. The viewers sent in some really catty questions like: Nene, why do you wear cheap clothes that show your saggy, old boobs? tee hee

They also featured several clips from Kim's country singing career. Her album will be released in January 2009...can't wait.

Nene called Kim a "trashy hooker" and threatened to rip the wig off her head. hot. Kim made up a story about having cancer. That's some baaaad karma right there, folks.

Who didn't love it when Lisa informed Kim that she had no talent. Stupid Kim pressed the issue, so naturally Lisa threatened to flip her over the couch and that she was not the one [to trifle with]. retarculous

The real highlight was when almost-too-gay-to-function Dwight said that the girls looked great except for Kim who needs some work to come into the 21st century. When she gasped and asked what was wrong. He calmly informed her that her hair needed some major work. burn. awesome.

You should really tune into Bravo this weekend to catch the reunion in one of the million reruns. It's definitely worth it.

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Cladeedah said...

Sounds fantastic. I'll totally have to Tivo it.