Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Viva Las Vegas Scavenger Hunt

When my two best high school friends were here, we decided to do a scavenger hunt for some cheezy Vegas stuff. If we found everything, we would be true Mavericks! Below are the results (thanks Anna):

Cowboy - check
Bad weave/unfortunate hair - check
Hooker - low rent version - check
- high rent version - check
- tranny - bonus!
Bachelorette party - check, more than we could count!
Bride playing at the tables - we couldn't find this one, though we did see a couple brides going into the casinos
Frat boys gone to seed - check
Latex/rubber/pleather mini dress - well, it might have been spandex or stretch satin, hard to tell given how tight it was, but it did have gold lame.
Gambler with an O2 tank - check! this one took quite a while to find - thank you Binion's!
Couple in matching track suits - also a suprisingly tough one, finally at Bellagio of all places.
Fighting couple - check
Collagen lips - check
Enormous fake boobs - oh, dear God, check!
Yard o' Beer - check
Fanny pack - check, again far too many to count.
Unfortunate bare midriff - on a cocktail waitress no doubt
Obvious gold digger - check
Lucite heels - there were actually not truly lucite, but 1 pair seen on an actual person in platform gold and several pairs of patent leather platforms availble for purchase at the World's Largest Gift Shop - so I think that should count
Biker chick/dude - check
Couple making out - check
Swingers/Rat Pack wannabes - check
High roller clearly in it for the attention - check (conveniently with a gold-digger in tow)
Getting checked out by a creepy guy - check
Motorized wheelchair - check

A few Bonus items we had not thought of...
Ascot - on an actual man at Bouchon
Pregnant cocktail waitress
Kids left in the car in one of the casino parking lots
And 2 ladies and a possible whore!!!

And we didn't get beat up when trying to find any of this (and then ogling them)
All in all, I think we more than deserve the right to call ourselves "mavericks"!

Only in Las Vegas! You need to see it to believe it.

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Andrea said...

This is GREAT! I'm using a number of your ideas. Hilarious.