Monday, August 11, 2008

Do Your Parents Hate You??

One of my client's names is.....Harry Wang. No joke. Oh yeah, gets me every time. At 32, I should be able to say his name without laughing, but I just can't.

It reminds me of an Indian guy from high school whose first name was Shithead--pronounced Shi-theed (again, no joke). The band director at my high school was named Harry Butts and his wife's name was Rosy (could I make this up??). Of course, being a good wife she took her husband's last name so they were Harry and Rosy Butts. giggle giggle giggle giggle giggle

Parents of the world, please do not torture your children this way. A-holes like me laugh...a lot. We tell jokes and come up with awesome nicknames. We are merciless--trust me.

Have any better examples? Leave me a comment. Rest assured that I will giggle.

P.S. I remembered that my guidance counselor in high school was named Mr. Dick. He married one of the other guidance counselors named Mrs. Beaver. After she got married, she went by Mrs. Beaver-Dick. no joke.

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jesse said...

I had two substitute teachers in grade-school with novelty names. Mr. Fuku, pronounced "fooku" obviously. Then another one named Mr. Favorite.