Friday, August 29, 2008

Hot and Juicy Guild Member

I'm the newest--and the juiciest--member of the St. Francis Rosary Makers Guild. I had my first member this week where the new members were taught by Mary, Dorothy and Carol. They were sweet and cute little old ladies--just like you would imagine.

I sat at a table with two ladies who were having trouble getting it. Oh yes, I unwittingly sat at the "slow" table. We had to be double teamed to get through our rosaries. This one little Asian lady could not tie the knots to save her life. One of the instructors, Mary, gave her the best backhanded compliment ever: "at least you're not giving up" and then giggled a little bit. I just couldn't stifle the giggles that came out.

The other lady was struggling and then told me that she just isn't very crafty. huh? Am I crazy but isn't making rosaries crafty? so crazy. Mary overheard that little statement and she just walked to the other side of the room without a response. I think I'm going to like Mary. She's feisty.

By the way, I now know how to make wire and cord rosaries so if you ever want one, just let me know. After all, I am a proud Guild member.

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