Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Awesome Idea

Living in Las Vegas, you see alot of bad tattoos--I mean alooot of bad tattoos. It makes sense, you can get married drunk here, so why not other awesome decisions like huge, bad tattoos??
Contemplating what bad tattoo I should get the next time I'm wasted, I remembered a fantastic childhood story. It's so awesome, it is hard to contain my excitement as I'm typing now.
So, my Dad's stepdad was a truck driver whose arms were filled with horrible, homemade green ink tattoos-I heart Mother and so forth. One time when I was about 13, I was asking him about his tattoos. He encouraged me to get one and told me that he knew exactly what I should get. He recounted an oh-so-charming story where he was in a bar and a prostitute came up to him. She showed him the inside of her thighs where she had "Christmas" tattooed on one thigh and "New Year's" on the other. Then she asked, "you wanna have some fun between the holidays?" sweet.
Well, if I don't get the fabuloso holidays tattoo, I'm definitely getting something involving technicolor humping unicorns. awesome.

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