Monday, June 30, 2008

No Show

Lady Hector was a no show at the gym tonight. My friends and I giggled all day about her outfit and hip thrusting spectacularness all day to no avail. As class started, we kept turning our heads to the door everey time someone walked in late to see if she came in.

At first, I though that the people in the class left the space directly in front of the instructor for Lady Hector. Then, I remembered that normal people don't stand there. duh.

The instructor brought it up and we made a couple jokes. My friend did a pretty good impression of her little dance that made the instructor laugh. so awesome.

We even stopped by the front desk and tried to take back our earlier complaints. Our main concern was that we didn't want the instructor to be blamed for low class attendance for Lady Hector. Turns out her real name is Maria.

Hopefully she'll be back next week. Awesome!

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