Monday, June 2, 2008

Party at the Palms

I scored an invitation for the opening of the Palms Place hotel/condo tower last Saturday. For this quiet home body, it was quite the LA party scene. We saw Pete Wentz (as he went to DJ for awhile), Ken Paves, Larry Rudolph (Britney's manager), George Maloof (the owner), LA Tan guys with camera crew, Sal Masekela (Daily 10), Constantine Maroulis, Dick Vitale, Linda Hogan and her manboy and too many skankerific whores to count! Jessica Simpson, Ashlee Simpson and Verne Troyer (mini-me) were also there, but they must have been in some secret VIP area that we riff-raff couldn't see. Sarah Larson was also there and the local radio stations are reporting that she was making out with her an old ex-boyfriend, unfortunately, not George Clooney.

Linda Hogan was getting down with her bad cougar self on every young blond dude that walked by--quite the display. Somebody hit the open bar pretty hard. You know, when there is an open bar you always want somebody to go crazy to make the party fun, but you neeeever want to be that person making an arse out of themselves--especially with camera crews lurking about. Thanks, Linda!
We were invited by a nice couple to join them in their cabana, so it was pretty awesome people watching. For the longest time, I couldn't figure out where people were going because they kept walking around and around the pool area. My friend explained to me that they weren't going anywhere, they just wanted to be seen. Boy, am I a crappy social climber. Oh well, at least my boobs are real and I am going home with my husband. Eat your heart out, skanks!

The other great part of the night was running into my former boss who looked more than a little disappointed that we were also invited. tee hee You're not so special after all.

In case you bitches care, you can see a bunch of pictures on one of my favorite blogs Dlisted:

I'm glad we went, but once you get to see the celebs in person you realize how tiny they really are. Once again, fantasy beats reality every time. Come party in Vegas with skanks, woo-hoo!

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