Sunday, July 6, 2008

Tao Tight But Freebies are the Key

I scored an invitation to the Us Weekly party last Thursday but I didn't feel like going out.

Turns out I didn't miss much because they weren't really giving that many freebies away. My friend only got some kind of oatmeal cereal bar thing-a-ma-bob.

Apparently it was basically all women so you'd think that they would have had more vendors since we're pretty spoiled when it comes to getting freebies for showing up to events. We all know that I'm there for the freebies, not to get my picture on any website. no way, baby.

Here's the scoop: My friend reports that the Tao Beach area is nice but it overlooks the Palazzo condo tower which is still under construction. I'm sure as the construction comes along there will be more events. If I get any more invitations, I will let you know. It's good to be in Vegas, kids.

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