Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Rough Night

Clearly, I have not been doing my TV homework. I honestly had no idea that Season 5 of Project Runway started tonight. Since I didn't know, my DVR wasn't set. The problem is that I am totally addicted to So You Think You Can Dance, so even though the DVR was actually recording SYTYCD, I was switching back and forth between both shows.

I managed to miss substantial portions of both shows to make it an equally frustrating experience. Yes, I am a dummy. And yes, I will talk to you about it for the next week. Prepare yourself.


Cladeedah said...

Mother grabber! I didn't know it was on either! Maybe I'll come home tonight and my Tivo will have a little surprise waiting for me. I should still have a season pass set from last season.

Did you Tivo I Love Money? I fully expect that show to make Emmy Award history next year. :-P

Bethany said...

No worries, they have already started repeating the first episode. Of course, those mother truckers are playing it at the same time as So You Think You Can Dance once again...uggg.

I'm sure they will replay the first episode of Project Runway next week, if not sometime this weekend.

As far as I Love Money, I didn't know that they gave Emmy Awards for Most STD Infections. I guess you learn something new every day.